Kyrgyzstan reveals violations in Bishkek City Hall's budget

Business Materials 29 April 2022 10:15
Kyrgyzstan reveals violations in Bishkek City Hall's budget

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 29. Kyrgyzstan revealed the violations of Bishkek's budget execution for the period of 2019-2020, Trend reports with the reference to the Press Service of The Chamber of Accounts of Kyrgyzstan.

The audit revealed financial violations totaling 6.3 billion som ($74.9 million), which include:

Concealment of receivables and inflated accounts payables- 2.4 billion som ($28.5 million)

Unreasonably allocated funds from local budgets to organizations that are on the budgets of another level - 1.6 billion som ($19 million)

Misuse of budgetary funds - 350.6 million som ($4.1 million)

Illegal withdrawal of material assets - 107.9 million som ($1.2 million)

Shortage of inventory items - 22.1 million som ($262 782)

Unjustified salary payments - 22.5 million som ($267 538)

Overestimation of construction and installation workloads - 14.4 million som ($171 224)

Receivables in the amount of 1.1 billion som ($13 million) from the lease of municipal property received by the Land Resources Department of the Bishkek City Hall as of January 1, 2019, were not recorded in the annual report and were not taken into account while planning revenues and approving the budget. Thus, the revenue side of the budget was unreasonably underestimated by 1.1 billion som ($13 million).

A total of 10 million som ($118 906) were spent from local budgets to pay for food and transportation to personnel of Bishkek City Hall and subordinate organizations from January through May 2019.

Furthermore, employees of particularly important and responsible work received salaries in the amount of two monthly wages and monthly supplements in the amount of one monthly wage from local budgets totaling 77 million som ($915 576) from May through December 2019. These payments totaled 286.9 million som ($3.4 million) in 2020.

From the local budgets of Bishkek 88.8 million som ($1 million) were spent on workplaces involving harmful or dangerous conditions, of which 22.6 million som ($268 727) were spent illegally for the period from 2019 to 2020.

The materials containing financial violations during the audit were sent to the Prosecutor General's Office for legal evaluation, citing the Press Service of The Chamber of Accounts of Kyrgyzstan.