Iran conducts discussions on accelerating development work at Azadegan oil field

Oil&Gas Materials 30 April 2022 14:41
Iran conducts discussions on accelerating development work at Azadegan oil field

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 30. Iranian Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) and National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) have conducted discussions on the acceleration of the development work at the Iran-Iraq joint South Azadegan oil field (called Majnoon in Iraq), during the meeting attended by representatives of both companies, Trendreports citing the PEDEC’s website.

Speaking at the meeting, Executive Director of the PEDEC Abouzar Sharifi said that the acceleration of drilling work and the early start extraction from the mentioned oil field is one of the main priorities of both the PEDEC and the NIDC.

The director added that all necessary steps will be taken in this direction.

During the meeting, Managing Director of the NIDC, Hamid Reza Golpayegani also said that the company's technical capabilities had been mobilized to speed up the drilling of 10 wells in the South Azadegan oil field.

“Currently, the South Azadegan field is being excavated with the NIDC's ‘Fath 28’, ‘Fath 37’, ‘Fath 43’ and ‘Fath 92’ drilling rigs,” Golpayegani noted.

Iran's Azadegan oil field is located 80 km southwest of Ahvaz city in the Khuzestan Province (south-western Iran). It is estimated that the field contains about 32 billion barrels of oil. In Iran, this field is usually divided into two parts - North Azadegan and South Azadegan.

At present, crude oil extraction from Iran's South Azadegan oil field is 85,000 barrels daily. The field contains 28.2 billion barrels of crude oil, of which 1.6 billion barrels can be extracted.

According to the first plan for the development of this field, daily 320,000 barrels of crude oil and 197 million cubic feet (about 7 million cubic meters) of natural gas will be extracted from the field.

According to the second plan, daily 280,000 barrels of crude oil will be extracted from the field. In total, 600,000 barrels of crude oil daily will be extracted from the Azadegan oil field.